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Rejections, Bad Reviews, and Mean People

Rejections, Bad Reviews, and Mean People

The very first review I got on my very first book was on GoodReads. Someone called my innovative, unusual vampire romance, “Nazi Snuff Porn.”


OUCH. Nazi Snuff Porn?? For a redemption story with Fallen Angels, Dracula, political commentary, AND a pretty fabulous (by my thoughts, at least) love story?


The second review I ever got on my book was on Amazon, where a woman claimed that it was the worst book she had read that year. DOUBLE OUCH. That was quite the one-two punch, delivered within less than an hour of each other. People hated my writing, my characters, and weren’t even too thrilled with me.


Rejections hurt. Life is hard and it comes at you fast. This booklet has real-world, concrete steps you can use to cope with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

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