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Dracula's Desires

Dracula's Desires

Out Of The Shadows…

It's a fact that vampires do not get pregnant. But Valerie Tate is definitely pregnant. Worse, six months ago, her angelic lover, Lance Soleil, abandoned her. Searching for answers, Valerie finds herself with Lance's childhood friend, John Jante, a man with whom she shares a strong bond - and an intense lust. But when John is kidnapped, Valerie's attempt to rescue him uncovers more than she bargained for.

Into the Fire…

Scouring parallel realms and pocket dimensions, Valerie soon finds that Lance has regained Paradise as the Angel of the Lost; that John is hostage in a bizarre world resembling Victorian England; and most shocking of all, Valerie's first love may be within her reach once more. For the soul of Dracula's dead wife, is trapped within John's captor, a mad woman robbed of her humanity and manipulated by a conspiracy of Fallen Angels. Torn between past and present lovers, Valerie must contend with emotions that threaten to break her. In a desperate showdown, the reunited triad of a vampire, an angel, and a human, must face their deepest fears - with the future of an unborn angel-to-be in the balance.


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  • Product Information

    285 pages in English. Trade paperback size.

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