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The Little Sexy Workbook

The Little Sexy Workbook

Talking about sex can be...tricky.


Maybe there's something you'd love to try with your partner—but you're not quite sure how to ask for it. You don't want to hurt their feelings or make them feel criticized, like they're an inadequate lover! Or maybe you want to bring more passion and novelty into your sex life, but you can't think of anything "new" to do. You're not even sure what turns you on—and what doesn't!


Enter: The Sexy Little Workbook. This handy workbook has fill-in-the-blank games and funny, compassionate suggestions to help you discover your fantasies, desires, and turn-ons, talk about sexual thoughts, and create more heat in the bedroom (or the living room, kitchen table, garage, out in the woods...Anywhere you might be.)

  • Product Information

    Full Color Photographs. Some graphic content. Trade paperback size. 20 jam-packed pages.


    Refunds will be given in case of non-delivery.


    All shipping within the United States costs $8. For international shipping, I'll add on as needed. Thank you.

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